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RoofWhat are those UGLY stains on my roof? Well those are living organisms growing on your roof. I’ve done high school science projects on the subject. I have also cleaned just about every surface of roof there is to clean. From what I have seen first hand, if there is any nook or cranny where dirt can get, leaves can land, or water drains…..some sort of stain will form there.

Most of these stains are caused by living organisms that decrease the life of your roof. Algae), Fungus, and Lichen can actually wear down the adhesive layer on fiber-glass and asphalt based shingles by breaking down the organic compounds in the adhesive. This leads to progressive granule loss and shingle failure.  These organisms can also pose health risks and greatly decrease your home’s indoor air quality.

Wood Shake roofs  are very susceptible to algae and lichen growth. We have seen the algae and lichen eat through Roofwood shake roofs within 7-10 years of the roof’s life. A wood roof requires regular maintenance to prevent lichen overgrowth and shingle failure. There are now many alternative roofing materials that look like just like wood shake roofs but are made of recycled materials such as eco-shake.

Metal roofs seem to be the most durable roof when it comes to dealing with the algae, lichen, and fungus. We have cleaned many metal roofs that have growth where the metal panels meet and overlap. There are often stains on metal roofs where leaves and pine needles have sat for an extended period. The top of any bolt or cap can often trap dirt and debris that requires maintenance and/or cleaning.

No matter what surface of roof you have. We can safely remove the stains. We offer FREE ESTIMATES and are available anytime via phone, e-mail, facebook, or text! Don’t forget about our many other services. We can certainly clean your exterior, sidewalks, driveways, decks, and patios while we are there too!

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